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ASLO 2011 Aquatic Sciences Meeting 13-18 February 2011, San Juan, Puerto Rico
by Angie Cordoba - Thursday, 17 de November de 2011, 19:50

 S11: Hydroclimatology of Tropical Mountainous 
Areas and Related Hierarchies of Water Processes 


Ernesto Munoz, New Mexico Consortium,; 

Enrique Vivoni, Arizona State University, School of Earth and Space Exploration 
& School of Sustainable Engineering and Built Environment,; 

Tamara Heartsill-Scalley, USDA Forest Service, International Institute of 
Tropical Forestry, 

Ecosystems in tropical mountainous regions are susceptible to climate variability and change with potential impacts on the availability of water and its quality for human systems. In these regions, a hierarchy of physical and biogeochemical processes interacts across scales to impact water resources stretching from the mountain front to coastal communities. This session invites contributions on relevant aspects of atmospheric, terrestrial, and aquatic processes and their linkages in the tropical (or subtropical) regions. Particularly relevant are contributions related to: hydrologic events and their climatological context; interdisciplinary studies on the linkages of these hierarchical processes across scales; synthesis studies using different approaches (models, observations or reanalysis products); biogeochemistry and ecosystems in river basins; moisture/water fluxes, storages and budgets; and within-site and across site comparative studies. 
Contributions carried out in Central America or the Caribbean, including Long 
Term Ecological Research Sites or other observatories, are particularly encouraged. 

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